NAO is a versatile robot with 25 DOF movement, dialog capabilities, network connectivity, environment awareness, and more.


    in a human and emotional way. NAO’s attractiveness has no cultural or linguistic boundaries and appeals to various interest groups, all ages and genders.


    NAO is a veritable publicity generating machine. You will experience more control over how you draw and direct attention, the greatest WOW factor, and a unique prime attraction.

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    NAO is a humanoid robot with rich interactive capabilities and a versatile platform.

    • Height : 58 cm (23 in)
      Weight: 4.3 kg (0.5 lb)
      Power Supply : 48.6 Wh Lithium Battery
      Autonomy : 90 minutes (active use)
      Degrees of Freedom : 25
      CPU : Intel Atom @ 1.6 GHz
      Built-In OS : NAOqi 2.0 (Linux-Based)
      Compatible OS : Windows, Mac OS, Linux

    • Programming Languages : C++, Python, Java, MATLAB, Urbi, C, .Net
      Sensors : 2x HD Cameras, 4x Microphones, Sonar Rangefinder, 2x Infrared Emitters, Receivers, Inertial Board, x9 Tactile Sensors, 8x Pressure Sensors
      Connectivity : Ethernet, Wi-Fi

  • Software Packages

    Vastly expanding NAO’s capabilities and content libraries, our software packages are the culmination of our know-how in NAO software development, human-machine interaction, and emotional connection. 

    Our software packages are offered a la carte style so that you can select the right packages to suit your needs.

      Remote Control for iOS:

      remote control movement, text-to-speech, behaviors, songs, and mini apps.

      Master Dialog Pack:

      3000+ dialog options. Includes dialog packs for a wide variety of topics and character dialog.

      Movement & Sound Libraries Pack:

      various animation libraries and a sound effects library. 

      Demonstration Pack:

      includes the robot demonstration, control via buttons, dual choice poll, and fun conversations programs. 

      Entertain Pack:

      includes Stand Up Comedy 1 & 2, Jokes, Stories, Sweet Talk in 4 Languages with Button Control, Rap Beats 1 & 2, NAO Personalities.

      Animated Song Pack Vol. 1 (15 songs): 

      Eye of The Tiger, YMCA, Macarena, Gummy Bear, Be My Friend (original song by Robot Galaxy Kids), Kuh Jjai Lek Buh Toh (Thai Country Song), ABC Song, 10 Little Dinosaurs, Finger Family, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Row Row Row Your Boat, Old McDonald Had a Farm, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mary Had a Little Lamb, James Bond Theme Song

      Animated Song Pack Vol. 2 (15 songs):

      PPAP, Who Let The Dogs Out, Chicken Dance, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing Dance), Shake It (original song by Robot Galaxy Kids), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Wheels On The Bus, Transportations Song, Rainbow Colors Song, I’m a Little Teapot, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, Apples and Bananas, I Love You You Love Me

      Educational Content Pack:

      includes mini edutainment games, math demo, science demo, 4 classes, idioms, and the Animal Guessing Game.

      For a limited time, a special 30% discount is being offered on the Full Software Bundle. 

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Here’s how NAO can help you:

  • star

    Stage Shows/Entertainment

    NAO is the star performer on any stage. Mesmerize your audience with NAO’s humanoid movements, dancing and singing.

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    Trade Fairs/Event Booths

    Impress onlookers with NAO greeting potential clients, and pre-set programs to help aid with sales and promotions.

  • navigation

    Press Conferences

    Great for standing out in the press, showcase your company using NAO as an MC for your press releases

  • store

    Retail Host/Advisor

    Need extra helping hands on the floor? NAO can be set to answer basic Q&A about products and services.

  • hotel


    Would you like to check in? Find information about the city? Get recommendations for a place to eat? NAO can help! NAO can be a friendly concierge, cool host, the wow-factor and more. We also authorize select hotels to rent NAOs to their conference and event customers adding unique value to their venues.

  • archive


    How can you modernize your classroom while keeping it fun? The answer is NAO! Kids will love learning software and robotics with this cool and cute robot.

  • account_box

    Children’s Hospitals

    Interactive and child-friendly, NAO can entertain the kids without the need of sleep!

  • bookmark


    Autonomous, fully programmable, and humanoid, NAO is the best platform for testing new robotics software.

  • favorite

    Elderly Care

    Short on staff? Nao can assist in aiding the elderly as well as providing them with entertainment and a buddy for social interaction.


    Corporate Events
    TV / Quiz Shows
    EXPO Booths

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