Vastly improve the interactive capabilities of your humanoid robot NAO v6 with the AxenNAO software bundle.

Ready to plug-and-play with no programming required!

Developers, you can now make use of our content libraries to enrich your project and save time!

Get AxenNAO!  A powerful software bundle for the NAO robot that includes:

– Mobile remote control appsupporting iOS devices
– Large expansion of dialog capability with an imbued personality +voice command motions and entertainment from the included content libraries
– Huge content libraries including 1000+ animated behaviors, 90+ sound clips,  20+fully animated songs & dances, stories, jokes and mini apps, and more…
– Edutainment demos and content

License Cost (list Price)*: 800 USD per NAO robot

AxenNAO Demo Video

Enhanced Dialog Demo Video

Fully-Animated Dance Demo Video


AxenNAO allowsyou to turn NAO into an interactive host,
crowd-stunning entertainer, exciting robotics showcase,
and more with zero programming required.

The included mobile remote control app for iOS devices
makes controlling NAO simple.


AxenNAO is the culmination of our NAO software content
know-how developed over 2 years.
You’ll be able to use AxenNAO to make your NAO robot a veritable
publicity generating machine or to give your robotics project a vibrant
and cost effective boost.

We offer AxeNAO software bundles for both NAO V5 Evolution and NAO V6 Power.

Most functions are compatible with Pepper. *

* Functions that involve the lower half of the robot may not be compatible as the physical structure and components of NAO and Pepper differ.

NAO is a humanoid robot with rich interactive capabilities. It is considered one of the most advanced and versatile commercially available robotic platforms.

NAO comes with a visual programming software called Choregraphe which is suitable for those with no experience in robotics or programming as well as having a wide suite of features useful to advanced developers.

NAO is also programmable in C++, Python, Java, MATLAB, Urbi, C, and .Net.

Software Packages

Vastly expanding NAO’s capabilities and content libraries, our software packages are the culmination of our know-how in NAO software development, human-machine interaction, and emotional connection. 

Our software packages are offered a la carte style so that you can select the right packages to suit your needs.

Remote Control for iOS:
remote control movement, text-to-speech, behaviors, songs, and mini apps.

Master Dialog Pack:
3000+ dialog options. Includes dialog packs for a wide variety of topics and character dialog.

Movement & Sound Libraries Pack:
various animation libraries and a sound effects library. 

Demonstration Pack:
includes the robot demonstration, control via buttons, dual choice poll, and fun conversations programs. 

Entertain Pack:
includes Stand Up Comedy 1 & 2, Jokes, Stories, Sweet Talk in 4 Languages with Button Control, Rap Beats 1 & 2, NAO Personalities.

Animated Song Pack Vol. 1 (15 songs): 
Eye of The Tiger, YMCA, Macarena, Gummy Bear, Be My Friend (original song by Robot Galaxy Kids), Kuh Jjai Lek Buh Toh (Thai Country Song), ABC Song, 10 Little Dinosaurs, Finger Family, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Row Row Row Your Boat, Old McDonald Had a Farm, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mary Had a Little Lamb, James Bond Theme Song

Animated Song Pack Vol. 2 (15 songs):
PPAP, Who Let The Dogs Out, Chicken Dance, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing Dance), Shake It (original song by Robot Galaxy Kids), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Wheels On The Bus, Transportations Song, Rainbow Colors Song, I’m a Little Teapot, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, Apples and Bananas, I Love You You Love Me

Educational Content Pack:
includes mini edutainment games, math demo, science demo, 4 classes, idioms, and the Animal Guessing Game.

For a limited time, a special 30% discount is being offered on the Full Software Bundle. 

AxeNAO Software

Here’s how our software bundle can help you:

Stage Shows/Entertainment

NAO is the star performer on any stage. Mesmerize your audience with NAO’s humanoid movements, dancing and singing.

Trade Fairs/Event Booths

Impress onlookers with NAO greeting potential clients, and pre-set programs to help aid with sales and promotions.

Press Conferences

Great for standing out in the press, showcase your company using NAO as an MC for your press releases

Past Events


Corporate Events




TV / Quiz Shows


EXPO Booths





NAO V5 Evolution

NAO is a humanoid robot with rich interactive capabilities and a versatile platform.

Software Packages

Vastly expands NAO’s capabilities and content library. A la carte or full bundle

Rent NAO

To become an authorised NAO rental partner to rent out NAO to event or venue clients, Please contact us with an inquiry.

Interested in the AxeNAO software bundle? Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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